Consent to personal data processing
User of the Internet (hereinafter – User) hereby gives consent to personal data proceeding (hereinafter- the Consent). Filing the aplication on the websites, or providing personal data by filling in the contact (feedback) forms located at the website means Acceptance of a Consent. User gives his or her consent to process his or her personal data as follows:

1. The basis for processing the personal data is the Federal Law dated July 27, 2006 No.152-FZ entitled "On personal data".

3. Personal data processing includes any action (operation) or complex of actions (operations) executed with automatization tools or without such tools, including collection, recording, systematization, acquisition, accumulation, updating (renewal, change), retrieval, using, transfer (spreading, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, elimination of personal data in accordance to targets, indicated in point 2 of the present Consent.

4. Personal data is transferred to third persons on the basis of legislation of the Russian Federation, contract participated by User or with his or her consent.

5. User gives his or her consent to processing the following personal data: full name, address, , phone number, e-mail address as well as other contact information. The Personal Data Processor may also collect information kept by third persons, such as social network accounts. Data received depends on a certain website and is controlled by the website itself. If the User connects the account, controlled by a third person, while registering at the websites, and allowing the Personal Data Processor to get access to this data, User agrees that the Personal Data Processor may collect, accumulate and use such data.

6. Consent is given, among other, to possible trans-border transfer of personal data and information (advertising) notifications.

7. Consent is given for indefinite term and may be recalled by User or his/her representative by sending a written claim to the Personal Data Processor official address or to his representative at the address specified in the beginning of the present Consent.

8. In case of the recall of the Consent to personal data processing by User or his or her representative, the Personal Data Processor may continue the personal data processing without consent of personal data of personal data subject if there is a basis specified in points 2 — 11 part 1 article 6, part 2 article 10 and part 2 article 11 of the Federal Law dated July 27,2006 N 152-FZ entitled "On personal data".

9. Hereby User confirms that he or she has acquainted with the End User Licensing Agreement and Personal data Guidelines, in which way of processing, accumulation and spreading of personal data is confirmed.